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Computer Enthusiast / Gamer / Foodie
Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Hey, Hi and Hello! I am a 23-year old Computer Science Graduate from IIT Mandi (living in Hyderabad). I am passionate about Web and Mobile Technologies, and also enjoy Football, Puzzles, Action Movies and Pop Music. I'm glad you visited my website. Have a look around.

I'm always looking for ideas that might make my work more creative. In my free time, I read developers' blogs and build sotware that is easy to use. I derive inspiration from popular music, and love listening to Internet Radio. My professional interests include Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Security and Big Data. I love Hackathons.

I am currently working at Microsoft IDC (Hyderabad), in Bing Entity Experiences, where I build compelling user experiences using the Satori Knowledge Graph. I am also currently involved in building an open-source framework, HazelWard for NVIDIA CUDA, and am looking for contributors for the same.

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